City Heights

City Heights Elementary School  


City Heights

July 26, 2016

As part of social responsibility to the community, Greenleaf Hotel Gensan reached out the students of Upper Labay Elementary School.  
The majority of the student population is the indigenous people Blaa’ns who occupies the community near the vicinity of the school. These students still inhabit the mountainous part of the barangay and majority of their families relies on farming, charcoal making as their source of living and their diet relies on balanghoy (cassava) as their staple food.

Their living condition has been plagued with poverty and illiteracy due to the fact that government services scarcely reached their community. The students coming from the community walks about 5 to 6kms just to attend classes and without any shoes or slippers. The accessibility of the basic needs and services proved to be the hindrance on their quest for educational development and sustainable living. The plight of the 450 students of the said school has inspired Greenleaf Hotel Gensan to extend its helping hand in line with the vision and mission of the company by giving them nutritional support and learning support such as school supplies, reading and writing materials.