COVID-19 Update



Magandang Gensan! 

Greenleaf Hotel Gensan is committed to delight and make a difference in our daily encounter with our guests. As always, our top priority is the good health, safety and well-being of all our guests and personnel.
We would like to take this moment to share with you the measures we have taken to bring you a well-deserved relaxation with the highest possible standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

As a precautionary measure, you will be required to fill-up a Health Declaration Form and present an ID as you go through the reservation process.

From your point of arrival, our intensified protocol includes passing through the wheel bath, hand washing and drying stations, UV disinfection for your personal effects while observing social distancing. Your luggage will be sanitized in our decontamination booth before it will be transported into your room.  The mandatory temperature taking will be done through our automated thermal scanner with facial recognition, the first of its kind here in the region.  

A Sanitary Kit, which includes facemask, sanitation wipes, plastic hand covers and your sanitized keycard will be handed to you at the Front Desk. Your check-in documents will be sanitized using our UV boxes.   

Our guestrooms are decontaminated using UV lights, Bedbots and cleaned with hospital-grade chemicals. These will remain sealed for 24 hours before every check-in. 

Public areas and highly touched areas, including restrooms, elevators, door handles, railings and among others are disinfected in regular intervals. Hand sanitizers can be found in our elevator landings, front desk and entrances. 

For your protection, you may opt out of our daily housekeeping services. Otherwise, we shall request you to vacate your room for our Room Attendants to perform their task. Deliveries to your rooms will be handled with utmost care and will be left outside your door on a tray stand.  Our personnel will inform you as soon as they are delivered.

Our breakfast buffet will be replaced with a ‘create your own’ plated breakfast; menu selection will be hanged on your door handle between 2pm to 7pm.  Should you desire to enjoy our sumptuous menu at the Mint Café, please be reminded to book a table in advance at the Reception Area.

Our team have undergone intensive trainings and orientation based on the guidelines provided by the DOT and DOH. Gloves, facemask and shields, shoe covers and other appropriate PPEs will be worn by our entire guests-facing team.

Thank you for the trust and support you have in us and we cannot wait to see you again!


As we have all known, COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, devastates our economy and puts us all behind the comfort of our doors. These are the trying times of our lives. But we are resilient. We take this time to renew and rekindle relationships, even at a distance. We are divided by borders  but the  barriers did not stop us to show kindness.  Our minds are put into tests as we strive to maintain the normalcy we used to enjoy.  In the midst of all of these, we continue to evolve and adapt to the changes we now call “new normal”.

Travel restrictions, cancellation and postponement of events have huge financial impact on our industry but Greenleaf Hotel Gensan is greatly warmth by queries and concerns from our guests and patrons.  We want you to know that we care for your safety and well-being and would like to share with you the things that we  have been preparing to welcome you back on your next stay with us.

We will be bringing a new leverage of an intensified hotel cleaning standards, workplace regulations and a more responsible social interaction to assure that both our hotel guests and colleagues are safe. We are currently installing barriers, sanitation stations,  social distancing markers, among others.  We are also training our staff  and enhancing our protocols to comply with the guidelines set by our government.  And we have been collaborating with our suppliers for the procurement of PPEs  and appropriate sanitation chemicals.

As we eagerly wait for the day that we will be welcoming you back, we want to assure you that we are taking all the precautionary measures to ensure a safe and worry-free stay with us.